• PoleCon 2019: Non-Pole Room 2 (map)
  • 10600 Westminster Boulevard
  • Westminster, CO, 80020
  • United States

Presented at PoleCon 2019!

Back pain (from the "day job" or pole -- or both?!?!) got you out of training? This physical therapy-based workshop will lead a through pole and aerial-specific strength and flexibility tests to help you decrease back pain and increase range of motion focusing on your core -- your back AND your front. This significant-activity-required, 90 min workshop will provide you with your own “self-driven” guide to train successfully using understandable benchmarks and proven drills and movements. You'll have your back saying "aahhhh" in no time!

Presented by: Angela Prescott PT, DPT, CMPT, CMTPT, CSCS