• PoleCon 2019: Non-pole Room 2 (map)
  • 10600 Westminster Boulevard
  • Westminster, CO, 80020
  • United States

Presented at PoleCon 2019

Ache-y, tight shoulders? Worried you'll never get that bird of paradise? Had a shoulder-related injury and so do NOT want another one??? This interactive, physical therapy-based workshop is for you! At the end of this 90 min course you'll learn how to strengthen, mobilize and stretch YOUR shoulders -- not just generic advice but based on your individual needs -- to not only injury-proof them but also safely achieve the range of motion you need for the most demanding and acrobatic pole and aerial tricks. You'll become your very on "Shoulder Savior!"

Taught by: Angela Prescott PT, DPT, CMPT, CMTPT, CSCS