Our Mission

To inspire individuality in our patients and clients, allowing them to pursue life without physical limitation by providing them with outstanding rehabilitation, wellness and fitness services.

The etymology of the word "acro" is Greek and means "highest" or "top." At ACRO Physical Therapy & Fitness, our goal is to improve the health and wellness of the community by providing unparalleled rehabilitation and fitness services. Our patients and clients will be given the personal care required to inspire in them an active lifestyle, while providing them the opportunity to improve their quality of life through rehabilitation, fitness and education.

Health and wellness are achievable for all individuals, and ACRO PT will offer services that meet the needs of all types of patients/clients at a convenient time that fits their busy schedule.  We believe that with the right care and education our patients/clients can achieve their goals and live the life that they want without pain or dysfunction holding them back.  It will be our purpose to “inspire individuality” and help clients reach their dreams – no matter where they start in that process. 

The owners of ACRO Physical Therapy & Fitness have over 20 years of experience in the world of acrobatics, gymnastics, fitness and rehabilitation.  This lifelong passion and expertise influences how we assess, treat and empower our patients & clients.   Our mentors and past opportunities with quality companies and institutions have shaped our views and solidified the foundations of our practice.