Our Physical Therapy Services:

"For the last 6-7 years I have endured the what seemed like "un-diagnoseable" pain in my shoulder. No one could figure out how to relieve it, and it greatly reduced my ability to work out, lift, or ride my bike. Last December I was told that I had with TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) by a specialist and scheduled a surgery for March of 2018 (1st rib resection....if you don't know what it is.. google it - it's yucky!). In February, as a last resort, I reached out to Angie to see if she could work her magic. I came to her with numbness in my fingers, constant pain in my left shoulder, severe "winging out" of my left shoulder blade and the inability to do any exercise due to the pain.

Angie re-diagnosed me my pain as coming from a dysfunctional & arthritic SC joint (later confirmed by my original orthopedic). After several months of consistent PT using a combination of: my actually doing what she told me to do (all those exercises she recommends...yeah, apparently they work) & her dry needling and manual therapy she helped me avoid a painful and unnecessary surgery. She reduced my pain to 0, corrected my winging scapula and I now have no numbness in my fingers. I can actually do a full workout (including push ups, which I have no been able to do in years) and not take weeks/months to recover! I do not know how to thank Angie enough. She has improved my quality of life immeasurably, helped me avoid an unnecessary surgery that we are sure would have created the need for other surgeries down the road, and gotten me back on my bike again. Her skill, knowledge, and inability to accept that surgery "was the only option", completely changed my situation. No doubt, I will break myself again...and yes, she will have to continue putting up with me as I will not see anyone else (and trust her judgment over doctors any day.) Thanks Angie!!"

- Pam P (Aug 2018)

"I am worried that whatever I say about Angie will be so over-the top positive that it will sound fake. But I sweat it's true. She's the best physical therapist I've seen, and I've seen a LOT. I originally saw her because of hip pain I'd had on and off for about four years (and had many months of PT for) and she fixed it in two sessions. Since then I've seen her for a number of other issues with similarly successful results.

Angie is always very professional and she genuinely cares about her patients.  She seems to have a sixth sense for knowing what is causing pain, and it's because she is highly knowledgeable about her anatomy and an excellent clinician. We are lucky to have her practicing in our region. I rave about her so much that my out-of-town friends have joked about wishing they could clone her. Long story short: if you are in pain and don't want to be, go see Angie."

- Jen M (March 2018)

“I have been seeing Angie Prescott over the past 4 years for various chronic injuries and post-surgical recovery.  Prior to finding her, I had sought care from other clinicians and had been told that they couldn’t help me and I was sent home with pain and no options.  Angie has always gone above and beyond when treating me – even so far as to consult with other PTs and seek out the most recent research on my conditions.  She always provides helpful guidance and knowledge into what your options are without pushing her opinions on you.  She has helped me improve the quality of my life tenfold, and I do not know where I would be without her. With her work, I have been able to stop taking pain medication, as my chronic pain is no longer an issue. I have, and will continue to refer everyone that is looking for a physical therapist to her.”

                                                                                                            - Dana G (Aug 2017)

“It has been a life-changing opportunity to have had Angie as my PT for the past 6 years.  In that time, she has utilized tremendous skill and care as a physical therapist to improve the quality of my life by assisting me to overcome obesity, osteoarthritis and double knee replacements. Quite simply, I enjoy mobility right now because of her great skill as a therapist and her genuine commitment to my overall health and well-being.  I highly recommend her to all of my friends who are in need of physical therapy services and will continue to do so as long as she is in practice. There is no one else I’d entrust with my physical therapy needs other than Dr. Prescott.”

                                                                                                            - Angela H (Aug 2017)

“My job requires me to be in peak physical condition.  I started seeing Angie when other physical therapists could not diagnose or alleviate my chronic hip and knee pain.  She was able to work with me to alleviate the hip and knee pain and, when work again caused things to worsen months later, get me on the path to further diagnostics.  It turned out that I needed corrective surgery and afterwards, I came back to Angie to get back into fighting shape.  After a complete recovery, I look back and I do not think that I would have been able to continue my chosen career path without her.”

                                                                                                            - Brian G (Aug 2017)

"Angela is the best Physical Therapist I ever had.  I have had some very complex knee issues and she was able to not just conduct therapy, but to help diagnose some of my other issues that were worsening the problem.

My husband had what he was told to be "back issues." He had seen multiple professionals over a two & a half year time period and had a surgical procedure - all with no relief. When he came to see Angie, after assessment she noted that the low back pain diagnosis was incorrect and offered a concern over the hip.  She referred him back to the doctor whom, after x-ray, found bone-on-bone arthritis.  My husband had a replacement, rehabbed with Angie and is now golfing and enjoying life!

Angie cares about people, she listens well and is always studying to find the best way to help her patients. I HIGHLY recommend her."

- Ceil P (Aug 2017)


Our “Yoga As Rehab” Classes:

I think Sarah's combined skill set makes her a great instructor. I trust Sarah and her expertise, and I know that every movement in the class is carefully curated for a purpose. I find her verbal cues (e.g. pull down shoulders, tuck pelvis) very helpful - probably because she has the additional training as a physical therapist to see exactly what we need reminding of in the moment! I also enjoy her calm and comforting demeanor. Highly recommend!”

- Sarah G (Jan 2019)

"The highest compliment that a medical professional can receive is a recommendation to your family and friends."

ACRO PT is very lucky to have been reviewed and recommended by our current and former patients! Thank you from the bottom of our heart! We will continue to do our very best to be live by the high standards we were founded on and "inspire individuality" in all those we meet.

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