Client Wish List

Physical Therapy... check.

Fitness Training... check.

Trendsetting Fashion & Style... check?

The "A" in ACRO was inspired by a lifetime of love for gymnastics, acrobatics and health.  It has origins in Angie's childhood, and has remained a powerful and inspiring symbol for her as she has grown in her passions & profession.  It felt like an obvious choice when we were designing the logo.  Basically, we love it. And apparently, our clients do too.

By request, we created an apparel campaign featuring the logo (sans the "Physical Therapy & Fitness" text).  Then we got a little distracted, carried away on photoshop and added a few more. Be warned - they're cheesy ('ve met Angie). 

Disclaimer: Product orders are individually printed and fulfilled by and may take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Some products are also available for purchase in our clinic. Availability will vary.