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4920 Niagara Rd.
Suite 303
College Park, MD 20740


P: (301) 477-1229

F: (301) 477-1348


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Our parking lot is located directly outside the building. Parking is free.

Accessing the Suite:

There are two entrances to the building. 

The main entrance (visible at the front) allows you to go up to the 3rd floor (using the elevator or the stairs on the left.  Once there, you will enter the hallway (through a fire door), walk to the end & turn left at the water fountain. ACRO PT will be the 2nd door on your left (Suite 303).

The second entrance to the building is at the front, but to the left of the main entrance. In this entrance, you have stair access to the third floor. Enter the hallway through the fire door, and ACRO PT will be the 5th door on your right. Please note: The building side door is only open 8 am - 5 pm

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